Puppetoon! is the tool you’ve been waiting for

Puppetoon!™ is a multi-player adjunctive tool designed to build social interaction.

Kids love playing. SLPs love the results.

  • A 21st Century Solution
    Puppetoon! combines evidence-based strategies with an easy-to-use tool. It’s a modern solution to a modern problem.

  • Achieve Outcomes Faster
    Puppetoon! was engineered to foster intrinsic learning. This means children are self-motivated to achieve outcomes… in less time.

  • Individual or Group Practice
    Puppetoon! is a multi-player adjunctive tool.
    Up to 4 kids can play on one device at a time, making it ideal for classroom use or camps.

  • Kids Love It
    Puppetoon! works because it feels like play. Children have so much fun talking through their puppets that they are motivated throughout their lesson.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Puppetoon! is an engaging set of 'stages' and 'characters' that children (and families) can manipulate using Xbox controllers.

Puppetoon! is NOT a video game

YOU create your own dialogue, your own story, your own performance and animate the puppets. Children talk 'behind the scenes' while puppets act it out on 'center stage'. Play at home with friends and family.

Features Include

Step-by-step Manual
Easy to follow guide in English, Spanish or French.

Live Webinars and Chats
Learn strategies and acquire the skills to master Puppetoon!.

Audio Recording of Sessions
Puppetoon! allows the recording and saving of audio during sessions.

Additional Content
Be the first to learn about additional Puppetoon! content.

“One tool that I can use across my whole caseload.”ASHA 2017 Convention SLP Attendee


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