Worried about your child’s digital games?

Digital games CAN be entertaining and beneficial. Promoting healthy communication, critical thinking, creativity and teamwork. That’s our job. Let’s work together.

Try it and see for yourself.

Kids create a digital theater improv performance

Xbox controllers are now “re-purposed” for creative dialogue! Children act out their own stories. They are the content creators of their own stories, they control the action.

Play independently or with friends

Puppetoon! is a multiplayer tool that allows up to 4 players to interact and play together. You can record your performance and share it with family and friends. Play at school or at home!

A tool for everyone

Designed for children ages 8-12 (easily adapted for younger or older children). This suite of digital puppets and scenes will entertain single players and audiences alike!

Create stories, events, scripts and dialogue through digital puppets!

Features Include

Quick Start Guide
Learn how to get started on Puppetoon! fast.

Live Webinars
Learn strategies and acquire the skills to master Puppetoon!.

Recording of Sessions
Record Puppetoon! play and share with others!

Additonal Content
Be the first to learn about future Puppetoon! content.

“Puppetoon is really fun. It’s the best game ever. Can we just keep playing?”Nicholas, Grade 6 Student

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