Our Mission

To change the use of digital tools to give the power, the communication, the creativity and the critical thinking back to our children.

Our Story

Pam and Betsy have had established individual careers and businesses in education and speech-language pathology respectively. We have both developed proprietary programs.

We began working together ten years ago. Since that time, use of digital technology entertainment devices has risen exponentially. Screens are everywhere: throughout our workplaces, homes, cars, and communities. Children’s use has skyrocketed. Entertainment mediums: handhelds, consoles, computers, TVs have become commonplace.

We noticed a change across the classroom, clinic and home-based practices with our clients and their families. Neuro-typical and atypical children showed reduced face-to-face communication, vocabulary, oral/written narrative, creative play time and trial and error learning. That concerned us, teachers and families which led to the birth of SaySo Communication.

Our Solution

We are re-purposing digital tools to create products that use talking as the controller of game play using digital devices. The children create content.

We’re preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s challenges.

Talking is Power! Join the Conversation.

Betsy Allard


For decades, Betsy Allard has shaped her business towards programs that combine social interaction and positive work/play opportunities across home and community. Connecting children verbally in team challenges through online play is a natural segue for Betsy.

Pam Streeter


Recognizing early in her career the power of engaging children through play, Pam Streeter proceeded to develop content for children’s programs. Pam has founded and successfully run three companies, garnering recognition for program development and business acumen.

Team SaySo

Roshan Syed
Web Developer

Kat Kruger

Jen Vaughn


Mark Riedl
Georgia Tech Entertainment Lab

Jodi Asbell-Clarke
Dir. of EdGE at TERC

Matt Doucette
XONA Games

Mike McGraw
Game Developer

Christian Williams
Game Developer