Save time.
Demonstrate effectively.
Reach outcomes faster.

Our engaging digital puppets make practicing social interaction and communication fun! Children love playing Puppetoon! — in the clinic, the classroom, and at home.

You’ll love the results.

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“Brilliant. One tool that I can use across my caseload.”

ASHA 2017 Convention SLP Attendee

Puppetoon! is designed to save you time by making practice a team effort — it’s perfect for groups, families, schools and clinics.

Many SLPs feel overwhelmed and overworked. Caseloads are larger and more complex than ever before and practice outside of your session can be fragmented.

Here’s a tool that helps you across your whole caseload. Parents, teachers and clients can work alongside you so that children get the practice they need to progress.

Puppetoon! is the solution you’ve been looking for.

“Puppetoon! gives our youth the power to create, communicate and transform digital tools for healthy active use.”

Betsy Allard, Puppetoon! Co-founder & SLP

Puppetoon! is a modern spin on a classic tool

Puppets are versatile adjunctive tools that can be used across multiple caseloads: social communication, language, fluency, narrative, curriculum, articulation, voice, and more. Puppetoon! takes the classic tool to the next level by making puppet performances digital.

Children are immediately excited about Puppetoon! Using Xbox controllers, they create their own interaction. But, unlike traditional online tools, children don’t passively “play” Puppetoon! The child controls the narrative and runs the show.

Get to outcome faster by making practice a team effort

You know that children improve faster when practice is active outside of your session. Yet many parents struggle with the instruction and motivating their kids to practice. Puppetoon! helps solve this problem.

Because Puppetoon! is fun, children are intrinsically motivated to practice — they even ask to practice! And the demonstration is clear to the parent. Puppetoon! makes practice easy, accessible and fun for the whole family.

Every Puppetoon! license includes a free account for parents to use at home too.

Record your session to track each client’s progress

We spoke to many SLPs and they asked us to build a tool that allows them to record their sessions and store those files for data collection, demonstration, and ease-of-use.

Puppetoon!’s built-in audio and video recording feature makes tracking results effortless. Parents can also use the recording feature during home practice to store in the clinician’s file for tracking progress and for discussion.

A shared dashboard keeps everyone on the same page

We’re working on a new dashboard that will ensure university trainees, clinicians, and teachers all have the information they need to monitor each client’s progress.

Early Adopter Offer

“Puppetoon is really fun. It’s the best game ever. Can we just keep playing?”

Elementary School Student

Why Puppetoon!?

Puppetoon! is one tool that you can use across multiple caseloads. It’s versatile, easy-to-use, and kids love it.

Early Adopter Offer

A 21st Century Solution

Puppetoon! combines evidence-based strategies with an easy-to-use tool. It’s a modern solution to a modern problem.

Achieve Outcomes Faster

Puppetoon! is designed to foster intrinsic learning. This means children are self-motivated to achieve outcomes….in less time.

Individual or Group Practice

Puppetoon! is a multi-player adjunctive tool. Up to 4 kids can play on one device at a time, making it ideal for classroom use or camps

A Tool That’s Always with You

As long as you have access to a PC computer and a few Xbox controllers, Puppetoon! is always with you.

It’s Trans-Disciplinary

Puppetoon! was specifically designed for SLPs but it’s so easy-to-use that teachers and parents can use it too — accelerating outcomes in the classroom and at home.

Kids Love It

Puppetoon! works because it feels like play. Children have so much fun talking through their puppets that they are motivated throughout their lesson.

Meet the Founders

We built Puppetoon! because it’s the solution that we needed ourselves. Betsy and Pam
bring more than 70 years of combined experience in the communication health and
education sectors.

Betsy Allard is a speech language pathologist with over 40 years of experience. Betsy has
developed functional, timely tools applicable across caseloads, professionals, and families.

Pam Streeter brings complementary skills in her roles as an educator. program director, and
serial entrepreneur. Pam has developed programs for classrooms and small-large group

Enter Puppetoon!

When we founded SaySo, we knew that we couldn’t solve a new age problem using
traditional means. SLPs need new age tools — designed by people who understand the
challenges and preferred mediums used by today’s youth.

At SaySo, we’re changing the use of digital technology to meet the communication needs of
our youth. Tools that empower. Talking is Power.

That’s our mission. But. we can’t do it without YOU.

“I like Puppetoon! because everybody does their own part, and it comes together to make something amazing”

Elementary School Student

Early Adopter Offer!

We value our early adopters. Be first to trial our product and give us feedback.

What you receive

  • 3-month $19.99 US subscription
  • Access for 25 dedicated users (clients)
  • Storage of record and playback files
  • Free access for home practice
  • Membership in the Puppetoon! professional community
  • Non-transferable license

Our dashboard will be ready early 2019.
Please note: Puppetoon! currently requires the use of Xbox controllers for use on a PC computer running Windows 10.