Our Story

We have worked together for ten years developing and implementing quality programs for children leading to the incorporation of SaySo Communication, a company dedicated to children and youth. With Heroes of the Power, the next generation in gaming, we bring our combined business acumen and program development expertise to tweens.

Play is one of the most valued aspects in our lives. It’s the glue that binds us together. It’s fun, it’s entertaining…and it’s good for us!

These days, children and adults use their play time in online games. Sometimes the play is together. Many times, it is alone. There are many good online games that we enjoy for fun. Yet families and friends know that face to face play shapes our lives.

How do we bring these two worlds together. That’s where SaySo comes in!

At SaySo, we are re-defining game play and bridging online play, offline play and community play. We believe in games that are fun, entertaining….and good for you!

Our flagship product Heroes of the Power harnesses the popularity of super heroes in day to day play and introduces talking as the activator both online and offline.

Talking is Power! Join the Conversation.

Betsy Allard


For decades, Betsy Allard has shaped her business towards programs that combine social interaction and positive work/play opportunities across home and community. Connecting children verbally in team play challenges through online gaming is a natural segue for Betsy.

Pam Streeter


Recognizing early in her career the power of engaging children through play, Pam Streeter proceeded to develop content for children’s programs. Pam has founded and successfully run three companies, garnering recognition for program development and business acumen.

Our Partners

Annie Macmillan

Concept Animation

Anne Macmillan is a Canadian artist from Nova Scotia. She is a Fulbright scholar, recently completing her masters degree at MIT.

Darren Hubley

Graphic Designer

Darren Hubley has been obsessed with the visual arts from childhood. Since 2007, his design/photography company has managed multiple forms of visual art requests, including branding, graphic design, photography and digital retouching.


Kat Kruger

Author – Script Writer

Kat Kruger is a freelance writer and Creative Director at Fierce Ink Books. The first book in her young adult series, The Magdeburg Trilogy, was listed as a Best Book for Kids & Teens by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre (Spring 2013).